Special Education

Butte County School District is dedicated to meeting the needs of all children. To that end, we offer some specific services to eligible students ages 3-21.


Staff Department Email
Cammack, Kim
Director of Special Ed cammkim@butteschools.org
Bogart, Amy
Elementary bogaamy@butteschools.org
Bogart, Amy
Pre School bogaamy@butteschools.org
Chambers, Greta
Middle/High School
Gamett, Lucy
Speech gamelucy@butteschools.org
Graham, Mark Psychologist  
King, James OT  

Goals for Special Education

1. To increase the graduation rate of students with disabilities.

2. To decrease the drop out rate of students with disabilities.

3. To insure that students with disabilities participate in state wide assessments so they are an integral part of the accountability system.

4. To monitor and improve the academic skills and performance of students with disabilities on state wide assessments.

5. To decrease the number of suspensions and expulsions for students with disabilities.

6. To improve post school outcomes for students with disabilities.

7. To increase the percentage of trained personnel working with students with disabilities.

8. To reduce over identification of students with special education.

9. To educate all students with Individual Education Plans in the least restrictive environment.