Superintendent Message

Next year brings improvements
Posted on 05/08/2024

While students and teachers are wrapping up the school year completing testing, planning our annual Field Day, and scheduling field trips, administrators are busy looking to next year with hiring and programming. Next year will bring great changes to the District.

The District got approval to add two new CTE classes: dental hygienist and Natural Resources. The teacher for the dental hygienist program has submitted her appliation to add the CTE endorsement to her certification. She's also applied to get approval through CEI to be an adjunct professor so she can award dual high school and college credits to students who complete her classes. The other teacher is in this same process.

The district is also looking to add another special education teacher for next year to bring our team up to three teachers. We already added one, and have interviewed and extended an offer to the second one. If accepted, this will boost our support for these students.

Administrators are also planning the professional development for next year, which will increase support for students who struggle. The admin team has high expectations for improving those supports and increased student achievement. Part of this process involved creating new mission and vision statements. If you haven't seen them yet, they are:

Mission - 
Empowering growth and success for all in a safe environment.

Vision - To ensure exceptional learning opportunities instilling pride and excitement for continuing growth and personal development.

As always, my door is open to you if you have concerns or questions. Stop by to see me, email me at [email protected], or call me at 690-3424.