District Office

The District Office is located at

250 South Water Street in Arco, ID.

208-527-8950 - Fax

In the District Office you will find:
Joe Steele, Superintendent
Sharese Maynard, Business Manager/Board Clerk

School Board meetings are held in the Library at the High School on the third Monday of each month. The public is encouraged to attend.  


Empowering growth and success for all in a safe environment.


Our vision is to ensure exceptional learning opportunities instilling pride and excitement for continuing growth and personal development.

  • Create an effective teacher evaluation tool and use it across the district.
  • Implement differentiated instructional practices in the classroom to address each student's learning needs
  • Design a Professional Development Plan for the district, providing opportunities for our staff which are aligned with the goals of the district.
  • Disaggregate the ISAT, DM, DW, IRI, IMI and EOA and other data to determine areas of strength and weakness.
  • Make instructional, purchasing, professional development decisions based on the strengths and weaknesses identified from the data.
  • Meet with the community to list the skills, knowledge, and attitudes a 21st Century graduate from Butte High School should hold.
  • Do a needs assessment throughout the district for facilities and academic strengths and weaknesses.
  • Communicate with the parents through a district newsletter, newspaper articles, meetings, School Messenger and increased us of Powerschool, ect.
  • Present academic achievement to the board 2 times each year.