District Office

The District Office is located at

250 South Water Street in Arco, ID.

208-527-8950 - Fax

In the District Office you will find:
Joe Steele, Superintendent
Sharese Maynard, Business Manager/Board Clerk

School Board meetings are held in the Library at the High School on the third Monday of each month. The public is encouraged to attend.  

Mission: Achievement for Every Student

  • Create an effective teacher evaluation tool and use it across the district.
  • Integrate a Gifted/Talented program into the district.
  • Design a Professional Development Plan for the district, providing opportunities for our staff which are aligned with the goals of the district.
  • Disaggregate the ISAT, DM, DW, IRI, IMI and EOA and other data to determine areas of strength and weakness.
  • Make instructional, purchasing, professional development decisions based on the strengths and weaknesses identified from the data.
  • Meet with the community to list the skills, knowledge, and attitudes a 21st Century graduate from Butte High School should hold.
  • Do a needs assessment throughout the district for facilities and academic strengths and weaknesses.
  • Communicate with the parents through a district newsletter, newspaper articles, meetings, School Messenger and increased us of Powerschool, ect.
  • Present academic achievement to the board 2 times each year.