Great things are happening at Butte County Schools. We have applied for a $1.9 million grant to create a Career and Technical Building so we can expand our welding program and add other CTE courses for our students. We should know if March if we get the grant. We've also used the Securing Our Future grants to put cameras on the buses, replace the fencing around the football field, purchase and install speed feedback signs, and replace some windows in the school.

We are also looking at how we can improve instructional practices to better serve our students. We have a great staff of teachers and paraprofessionals already. The Professional Learning Community team will develop how we can better serve our students' learning needs. Policy 2000 states in part: "...we must start where the student is.  We must provide challenges for the student according to his or her abilities.  We should not expect all students to develop at the same rate. The school program must be adjusted to the student’s needs, interests, abilities, and rate of growth.  The student should be an active participant in the learning process, and not simply a passive observer of knowledge." It is an administrative goal to help staff figure out what this looks like in practice. We are also looking at how we can better help students recover credits when they come to us credit deficient or become credit deficient. Part of the solution is for parents to hold their students accountable for getting homework done, turning in assignments, and stressing the importance of education.

Butte County Schools offer a good education for our students. We can always do better and are seeking ways to do just that.